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Government’s vision for sustainable business (Sustainability Review)

“Recently released government-led policy initiatives provide an optimistic view of the future – of a South Africa that is more equitable, productive and prosperous. Your response could be to ignore the commotion, to sit back and deal with the situation opportunistically as it unfolds. Alternatively, embrace it, understanding the complexities associated with its implementation, and accepting that, despite pitfalls along the way, getting involved could be good for business, and the future of the country.”

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Snipping Flesh For Art’s Sake

Fine art article: Mail & Guardian, 24 October 2000

It is tempting to use the cliché “cutting edge”, but surgery as art is at least a decade old. French artist Orlan is its most famous proponent, having undergone 10 cosmetic operations in her expression of carnal art.

In her latest she has created “the largest nose technically possible and ethically acceptable”, thumbing her now prodigious proboscis at the millions of women who have had theirs altered in attempts to conform to conventional ideas of beauty. Continue reading Snipping Flesh For Art’s Sake