About me

IMG_20140111_145602I lead great comms work, from curating industry-leading events and publications to driving small, innovative projects. I have two decades’ experience creating and promoting effective storytelling, managing and working with teams on web, mobile, print and public-space initiatives.

Today I help large companies and corporate funders craft their social-investment and sustainability message.

I’m co-founder of the social-impact publisher Book Dash, and have played an advisory role on a range of innovative projects and startups. I launched Oshun, where I published debut books by several internationally renowned writers. And I promoted and commissioned for the pioneering mobile-fiction initiative Novel Idea.

I’m an award-winning writer myself, and the author of the acclaimed Whole Food Almanac, a book on safe, clean, fair food. I have a BPhil (cum laude) in Sustainable Development from Stellenbosch University.

Find me on LinkedIn here and on Twitter as michelle_matt.

Project manager, writer and sustainability consultant